Transforming unstructured data
into business- and market insights

Meet Mito
– the next generation in media intelligence

Stay on top of market events that matter to you, with Mito.

With more human content created in a hour than you can get through in a lifetime, Mito’s advanced AI gives you a simple and smart way to make sense of it all.

Put a world of content to work for your business—like never before.

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Cut through the noise

millions of articles processed and working for your business

Each day Mito analyses millions of media sources across multiple languages. At, we transform this data to give insights you can act on. Uncover trends, analyse industries, and find out what is important to your customers right now. Discover how Mito currently creates value for our clients:

Event feed

Helps you focus on the most relevant and impactful stories about your company

Industry brief

Provides insights into industry shifts and competitor movement

Market signals

Fuels your business intelligence and CRM systems with previously unattainable data about the market

You know,
because Mito knows.

Carefully Engineered

Mito not only sees the world but understands it. With a proprietary knowledge graph (patent pending) Mito is able to discover previously unattainable trends and patterns.

Smart Learning

Mito is constantly learning and evolving. It uses state-of-the art machine learning to cut through the noise and extract only what is valuable for your business.

Action in Numbers

At we use these ingredients to bring you accurate and valuable data you can actually work with. By processing millions of documents in multiple languages, Mito can understand real-world events as they happen, keeping you ahead of the game.

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