Good data drives revenue

Never miss a potential sale again

If you don’t know, you can’t sell.

Let our data help your organization move to an event-driven sales process.

We monitor your customers, so you don’t have to. Integrate external data into your CRM in order to focus your effort on the customers who are ready to buy

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Event-driven sales

Exceed your customers’ expectations with timely insights

We analyze unstructured data across the web to give you insights about your customers you can act on. Uncover trends, analyse industries, and find out what is important to your customers right now.

1. Prioritize

Spend time on the customers that are in buying mode and the ones in high risk of churning

2. Understand

Get equipped with contextual and timely insights, so you can adapt based on what’s most important for your customer.

3. Engage

Build a true 1:1 relationship with your customer, even as your portfolio increases in size and complexity

You know,
because Mito knows.

Carefully Engineered

Mito not only sees the world but understands it. With a proprietary knowledge graph (patent pending) Mito is able to discover previously unattainable trends and patterns.

Smart Learning

Mito is constantly learning and evolving. It uses state-of-the art machine learning to cut through the noise and extract only what is valuable for your business.

Action in Numbers

At we use these ingredients to bring you accurate and valuable data you can actually work with. By processing millions of documents in multiple languages, Mito can understand real-world events as they happen, keeping you ahead of the game.

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