Access the world’s largest data platform for analyzing the constant stream of unstructured web data

Gain a competitive edge with previously inaccessible data is a technology company who specializes in extracting and aggregating knowledge from unstructured data in real-time in a language agnostic manner. Many providers promise to deliver insights from unstructured data, but the problem is often low recall or precision, and lack of meaningful features. Our extensive knowledge graph enables us to do high-precision entity extraction and linking, which gives us a solid data foundation for features such as content clustering, categorization, summarization, event detection, continuous trend monitoring and more, in real-time and across languages.

Our clients consists mainly of financial institutions and media companies who utilize our platform to turn previously inaccessible data into new business opportunities. If you want to utilize our data into your existing platforms we provide API access and SDK’s or we can set up web dashboards customized to your needs. Want to bring your own data in addition to the millions of documents we analyze everyday? No problem. We have several different upload and integration methods. Get in touch to learn more.

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